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The Clearview Philosophy

Clearview loves to work with clients with products and services we can embrace and support wholeheartedly. All of our clients do work that is sustainable, enhances the quality of life for all they serve, and is sensitive to the environment.

We feel strongly about the professional, ethical representation of our industry and work to mentor others in our profession to rise to the highest standards of honesty, hard work, creativity, discipline, client collaboration and client service. In media relations, our mantra is "truth and news."

Business team discussing Public Relations plan
Corporate Communications and Strategy Planning

You are the expert in your industry. We are experts in telling your story to your key publics in ways that motivate them to take action or change behavior.

Supported by a team of 10 professionals, Clearview’s principals collaborate with you and your organization to plan and execute measurable public relations and marketing programs designed to tell your story in the right way to the right constituencies.

Our communications initiatives are designed to motivate target audiences to take the specific actions our clients want.

Award Winning Public Relations Firm

How We Work Together

Our collaborative public relations campaigns begin with a comprehensive discovery session with you to determine your communications campaign objectives, goals, key messages, SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats), target audiences, timelines, success metrics and budget.

The budget is calculated by estimating the number of hours required to execute each tactic monthly, multiplied by the average hourly rate for the teams responsible for completion of those tactics. Hours not used in one month will be rolled over and applied to the next month.

Clearview Communications - collaborative discovery sessions
Medias Relations Campaign Reports & statistics - Clearview Communications

On a day chosen by you each week, you will receive an Excel spreadsheet showing the status of all tactics, with columns for next steps, key dates, and personnel responsible. This Weekly Public Relations Activity Report keeps both agency and client on task.

Unless you tell us otherwise, all of our work for you will be confidential. And, we will never leverage our relationship with you for our own gain.

You will have access to the senior staff 24/7 with their cellphone numbers, home numbers, personal e-mail addresses and Twitter accounts. We work weekends and holidays as needed to accomplish your objectives.

How Clearview Stands Out from the Crowd


Clearview subscribes to the same media databases and wire services as larger, more expensive agencies, and also has relationships with key media and bloggers nationwide.


Clearview’s fees are a fraction of what larger agencies charge, in part because we do not have their costly overhead – savings that are passed along to you. Clearview works with clients hourly, by the project or monthly retainer (which by far is the best value).


At Clearview, you will always have access to the senior staff. And, that’s 24/7 in a crisis situation.


Clearview is nimble, responsive and there for you at a moment’s notice; you work directly with the decision makers and (you’ll love this) there is no slow-moving bureaucracy.

Achieving Your Objectives

Client confidentiality is observed in all of our work, and we’ll never leverage our relationship with you for our gain. Clearview believes in the concept of client leadership. That is, while we will collaborate closely with you on all strategies and tactics, we will not say “yes” just to be agreeable. We are focused on achieving your objectives, and often that might mean recommending a creative or unique course of action you had not considered.

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When the reporter’s first question was one we’d rehearsed, it really boosted my confidence.

Derek V. Smith, CEO, ChoicePoint,
Alpharetta, GA