Our Clients: Successful Outcomes


Clearview helped Deep Rock Water grow new revenues in excess of $1 million by executing a region-wide media relations blitz that saturated the Denver market with news about the company’s launch of specialty coffee products. (Deep Rock Water was later bought by DS Services of America).

PR for High Rise Apartment Developments


Working with Roddy White & Associates and Miller Gallman Developers in Atlanta, Clearview’s marketing/PR strategies helped drive full occupancy for White’s two new residential projects, Buckhead Village Lofts and Mathieson Exchange Lofts, and for Miller Gallman’s Glen Iris Lofts.

ClearviewCOmmunication - Cyber Security client success


Clearview’s confidential client in the cyber security industry grew topline revenues by more than $430,000 in 2016 as a direct result of new clients driven to the firm’s website by Clearview’s media relations strategies.

Clearview Communication  - non-profit PR case study


Destination ImagiNation, the world’s largest creative problem solving competition for youth, grew its worldwide participation from 12,000 teams in 2014 to almost 15,000 teams in 2017 as a result of Clearview’s marketing initiatives.

Road Safe America Non-profit PR success story


When non-profit Road Safe America needed a national presence to generate financial, political and public support for its highway safety initiatives, Clearview generated national media coverage by creating and launching the annual observance of Drive Safer Sunday, celebrated on the Sunday after Thanksgiving every year.

PR cse study - Energy Industry Start-up


Media visibility generated by Clearview Communications during the startup phase for utilities security firm Ensuren Corporation resulted in a crush of orders for service that required a pause in the marketing program until demand could be met.

Media Relations case study


Media relations strategies and tactics executed by Clearview Communications over a period of two years were credited by executives with E3 Consulting LLC for driving positive national publicity that was a key factor in attracting a favorable buyout offer shareholders accepted.

Clearview Communications - PR case study - non-profit


An internal communications campaign for Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners in Florida increased employee awareness of the firm’s charity of choice, Frankie’s Friends, that resulted in a significant increase in public donations to help pay for treatments for qualifying needy pet parents.

​New product launch? Plan for Success  

Clearview Comminication - non-profit PR case study
Clearview Comminication - non-profit PR case study
Clearview Comminication - non-profit PR case study
Clearview Comminication - non-profit PR case study
Clearview Comminication - non-profit PR case study
Clearview Comminication - non-profit PR case study
Clearview Comminication - non-profit PR case study

Clearview performed magnificently in achieving publicity and visibility for us with our key audiences. They performed so well, in fact, that they served as our interim marketing department during a time of transition for us. After seeing my firm pop up on important international industry news feeds time and again, I told Andy, ‘we’re everywhere!

Cathy Conner, CEO, 
Universal Well Site Solutions, Oklahoma City

Some of Clearview's media interview skills development work includes:

Clearview media skills training for CDC
Clearview Media Training for United Way
Clearview Comminication - non-profit PR case study
Media Interview Training
Media Skills Training for Tampa General Hospital
Clearview Comminication - non-profit PR case study
Media Interview skills coaching
media interview skills coaching
Media Skills Training for Tampa General Hospital
Media Interview skills coaching

Because all of Clearview Communications/The Message Masters crisis communications initiatives are confidential, here are some of our key accomplishments without specific client identifiers.

tv interview - tv camera

CEO learns brevity, is quoted on national news

CHALLENGE: CEOs are passionate, knowledgeable and generally very excited about their companies. That's understandable and, in most circumstances, laudable. When CBS News called our commercial real estate client in Atlanta asking for an interview with its CEO about local economic conditions, we knew we had to help him learn a calm, thoughtful approach to presenting his messaging. He was accustomed to lengthy explanations of his ideas, thoughts and insights about his industry and the economy, often rambling on for minutes at a time without stopping.

OUTCOME: The CEO hit all of his messaging in the interview. His close-up and 8-second soundbite made the lead story on the CBS Evening News.

Medis interview and presentation skills training

Angry crowd, neutral story

CHALLENGE: Prepare government doctors and scientists for potentially contentious public hearing with angry residents of a Louisiana parish understandably upset about petrochemical toxins in their air, soil and water.

OUTCOME: Clearview proactively scheduled meetings we could control with the local print and broadcast news media at the newspaper office the morning before the public hearing to:

  • Answer media questions with our messaging
  • Provide accurate, factual and up-to-date information on positive initiatives by the government agency to identify the source of the toxins
  • To provide a list of actions local citizens could take to avoid exposure risks
  • And to discuss a potential timeline for remediation.

Although citizens and special interests at the raucous public hearing angrily vocalized their criticisms and distrust of our doctors and scientists and remedial actions planned by the government, the local media's coverage the next day did not focus on the angry crowds and was neutral-to-positive in tone.

 forklift truck loading pallets of paper in truck

What do we say and do if the worst happens?

CHALLENGE: Following the BP/Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, the board of directors of one of the world's largest paper products manufacturing companies proactively recommended crisis communications media interview training for its frontline staffs at 11 paper mills in Canada and the U.S. The board feared that because paper mills require significant water resources for their industrial processes, most are located on rivers in rural areas that could be polluted beyond recovery from a major industrial spill from one of the plants.

OUTCOME: Clearview Communications/The Message Masters was contracted to provide onsite crisis communications and community relations training for mill management and staff at the 11 sites in order to prepare them to communicate effectively and factually with the media and their communities in the event of a spill or discharge. Clearview/The Message Masters worked closely with the mills' safety, environment, health, human resources and operations staff to craft customized communications and operations response plans for each department. Our recommendations for the mill management to strengthen their media and community outreach initiatives to develop stronger ties with those stakeholders was followed completely so that all could work as closely together as possible to mitigate any future pollution event. To date, there have been no accidental spills or discharges at any of the mills. (Clearview's primary media training expert, Andrew Bowen, APR, was on 22 planes in six weeks in Canada and the U.S to complete the communications training as quickly as the paper company's board had requested).

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Marketing Executive Drew Coburn with an international non-profit,
raving over PSA copy written by Clearview

case study - Clearview Crisis Communications Management


When an air ambulance crashed in New Mexico, killing the pilot, co-pilot, the ill child and his mother, Clearview was called in by Crisis Management International to manage the initial crush of media attention while counseling grieving company executives on appropriate responses to numerous media and public requests for comment.

hotel crisis communications case study


Clearview ’s recommendations for calm, in order to gather all the facts and details before responding publicly, saved a major international hotel chain from embarrassment after it was learned the chain’s IT vendor was actually the hack victim. Clearview consulted on appropriate messaging for the customer notification phase that focused on customer care and pending remedies rather than assigning blame.

university - crisis communications case study


After hackers stole confidential student data from computers at a major private university in Florida, Clearview provided crisis communications guidance that resulted in a return to normal operations and restoration of confidence in the administration in less than a week.

property management - crisis communications case study


Facing a major lawsuit for allegedly allowing second-floor patio decks at its condominium complex to dangerously deteriorate, a commercial real estate firm asked Clearview for crisis communications guidance. Clearview convinced property owners that the lawsuit, planned by the complex’s hot-headed HOA Board, would freeze their properties in costly, drawn-out litigation, while a better remedy would be to allow the commercial real estate firm to repair the balconies. Pressure from the property owners motivated the HOA Board to change its mind, the lawsuit was withdrawn and the balconies repaired.

case study - school crisis commuincations


When angry parents threatened to withdraw their children en masse from a Catholic school because of a misreported bullying incident, Clearview launched an informational campaign to provide parents with the facts, along with a pledge by the school’s staff to renew its dedication to anti-bulling policies. The crisis subsided and faith in the headmaster and staff was restored.

insurance industry crisis communications case study


Inappropriate incidents of sexual touching by a home exam employee of a draw-lab company providing service to a life insurance firm threatened to damage the reputation (and stock value) of the two well-known public companies. Clearview worked with both companies’ legal counsel and their spokespersons to develop truthful, factual messaging about the incidents and the employee’s termination and proactively set up interviews with influential national media to get our side of the story out first. There was no media coverage until the ex-employee was indicted. Prosecutors named our clients and their customers as victims of a criminal act, and the media included our messaging.


Zygmunt Jablonski, Senior Vice President,
 Domtar Corporation, Montreal