Public Relations: Positive Visibility

Why is Public Relations important?

Public relations is positive visibility. SUCCESS IN BUSINESS is driven by positive relationships – relationships with individuals, groups, organizations, regulators, clients, colleagues, vendors, employees and other businesses. These are your key publics

The relationships we build with your key publics help you increase brand awareness, grow mindshare and market share, and generate interest that results in leads, sales, new business and revenue growth. 

Clearview Communications excels at helping our clients grow their positive visibility with key audiences to develop those meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships.

 public relations is positive relationships

Get Started on a Public Relations Plan

Newsrooms are shrinking,
but media relations is still important  

Media Relations is the business discipline of building and nurturing a mutually beneficial relationship between your organization and the mainstream -- or traditional -- news media. While research shows employment in newsrooms is down 42% since 1990, and social media has become more influential in shaping public opinion, getting into the headlines and on the air in the right way are still vital to meeting your business objectives.

In fact, in addition to its initial placement value, achieving visibility in print or broadcast outlets provides us with hotlinks to those stories that we can then cross-post on our social media platforms to drive even more positive visibility. With these links, we'll feed the search engines the necessary content for them to rank our keywords high.

Social/Digital Media: Planning is the key to your success

Launching a social media campaign as a key component of your marketing and traditional media strategy can have valuable positive results.

If not well planned, however, with measurable objectives for your target audiences, your social media campaign will be an expensive, embarrassing flop.

Executives should resist the call from others to, "hey, let's get this out on social media!" Stop right there. Instead, follow the guidelines in our recent blog.

Digital Medai Strategy and planning checklist

Clearview Communications' Public Relations Services

By Journalists for Journalists

Clearview subscribes to a database of more than 1.4 million journalists worldwide, and has personal relationships with dozens of media outlets. We are former journalists and editors, and know what will interest editors and assignment directors.

On Message and On Target

We take a collaborative approach, creating a client/PR counsel team to brainstorm together and refine the key messages to be used in all communications. This helps to keep everyone saying the same thing at all times.

media relations planning - Clearview Communications

Timing is Everything

We monitor the media to get you into the flow of important business news stories. We also keep your media campaigns on track, providing regular activity status reports that outline all action items, responsibilities, next steps and key dates.

digital news channels - Clearview Commuications

You Know Your Business Best

We pitch you and your firm as an expert source to key local, state, national and international media. Scheduling you to appear on important/relevant television and radio programs that reach and motivate your target audiences, we also make sure that your spokersperon(s) receive expert media interview skills training and coaching.

Media Interview Training - Clearview Communications


$1 Million. That's a lot of coffee!

Clearview helped Deep Rock Water grow new revenues in excess of $1 million by executing a region-wide media relations blitz that saturated the Denver market with news about the company’s launch of specialty coffee products. (Deep Rock Water was later bought by DS Services of America).

What are the Benefits of Media Relations?

news reporter interview icon

Journalists and bloggers will take our calls and listen to our story pitches.

hot news story icon

In a crisis, journalists will give us the benefit of the doubt.

tv news camera icon

When they're looking for sources for their stories, journalists will think about us for an interview.

tv news van icon

Journalists and bloggers will often call and ask if we have any story ideas. 
(Well, of course, right?)

I am asking you to stop the PR for now.
We can’t keep up with the orders.

Ken Miller, CEO, Ensuren Corporation, Denver



“A media interview is a bad time for original thought."

Our Message Masters’ team of confidential advisors has been trusted for more than two decades for:

  • Assisting CEOs in leveraging the value of positive, constructive communications initiatives
  • Helping to guide CEOs through the treacherous waters of a crisis or negative incident
  • Providing valuable, cost-effective guidance for everything in between
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