Crisis Communications: Planning is critical

Effective Crisis Planning Can Keep You in Business

Could a local or corporate crisis put your business out of business, or cause a major financial setback? If it’s not managed effectively, the answer is clearly “yes.”

Statistics show you won’t even see the crisis coming unless you take steps now to assess your vulnerabilities. Where are the soft spots, the areas most likely to generate a corporate, product or organizational crisis? Just how vulnerable are you?

The only way to answer those questions is to roll up your sleeves and start digging -- with the guidance, support, help and expertise from Clearview PR and The Message Masters.

crisis communications planning - protecting your business
crisis communications planning - Clearview communications


We'll appoint action teams from top management to begin to conduct an exhaustive, company-wide vulnerability audit and risk analysis. We'll hold the teams accountable to provide solutions and action plans that will eliminate weaknesses and minimize the effects of a crisis.

Then, we'll start building your crisis management and crisis communications plan. The crisis management plan is a blueprint for how you will react to, manage, survive and emerge from a corporate, organizational or product crisis.


CEOs who cannot plan to be 110 percent supportive of this process and take part in it fully risk wasting their time and the time of their key personnel because the process will fail without them.

As CEO, you should treat crisis management planning like any other critical company project on which the future of your enterprise rests, because, in truth, it does.

Crisis Communications Planning


Slow, measured approach showed hotel chain not to blame

In the current climate of extreme oversight and regulation of publicly traded companies, executives often move too quickly to disclose a cyber breach. Clearview’s recommendations for disciplined calm in order to gather all the details before responding publicly to a perceived corporate-wide data breach saved a major international hotel chain from embarrassment when it was learned the chain’s IT vendor was actually the hack victim. Clearview consulted with the hotel chain's attorneys and representatives from the IT vendor to develop appropriate messaging for the consumer notification phase that carefully focused on customer care and pending remedies -- rather than pointing fingers.

Clearview's Crisis Communication Services

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    Crisis preparedness
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    Vulnerability audits
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    Strategic counsel during a crisis
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    Reputation Restoration
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    Spokesperson training
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    Litigation Communications Support
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    Hands-on media relations
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    Post-crisis analysis

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