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How to Strengthen Your Leadership Powers Through Self-knowledge

Is it a case of “everything old is new again,” or “great advice is timeless”?

My new year’s resolution to study more of the writings of distinguished business developers resulted in a pre-dawn mental shock this morning when I was struck by the uncanny similarities between the messaging of Dr. William Anton in his seminal work, Business Success Through Self Knowledge, and that of sales guru Jeffrey Gitomer in his Little Red Book of Selling.

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How to Get to Yes with 6 Laws of Persuasive Communication

I’m having genuine interest from people in my presentation to groups on the topic, “Persuasive messaging for leaders – how to get to ‘yes’!” A major reason for the popularity of the subject is that so many people find it difficult to persuade other people to their point of view in what I believe is the most fractious public and personal communications environment I  have witnessed in my lifetime (the Vietnam era included).

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