Enable Me finds data showing early mobility cuts length of ICU stay

TAMPA, Fla. – Healthcare facilities can cut intensive care unit (ICU) patient length of stay an average of more than two days and generate cost savings by taking advantage of the new breed of motor-assisted, technologically-advanced movement therapy devices, according to research found by Tampa-based Enable Me.

“The research we found from Johns Hopkins showed a financial model based on implementation of early rehabilitation programs projected net financial savings in 20 of 24 scenarios ranging up to $3.7 million annually,” commented Joseph Scanlan, President of Enable Me. “That’s a savings in healthcare costs that CEOs, CFOs and boards can really be proud of.”

“It is basic medical knowledge that a static human body will deteriorate at a greater rate than an active human body,” said Mike Laky, CEO of Enable Me. “This modern breed of user-friendly early mobility therapies get the patient’s body moving, enhancing blood flow and renal activity, reducing spasticity and urinary tract infections and improving the patient’s overall quality of life.”

A 2017 University of Cincinnati College of Medicine Narrative Review, Early Rehabilitation After Stroke, concluded the best results in early rehabilitation have been seen in upper extremity constraint-induced movement therapy (CIMT) studies.

Healthcare facilities and organizations using Reck’s MOTOmed line of products from Enable Me as key components in their Early Mobility Programs are also showing significant bed space return on investment (ROI) by helping patients recover more quickly and advance to other levels of care or discharge.

“Most patients can use MOTOmed while never leaving their wheelchair or bed,” added Scanlan. “There is no need for a potentially unsafe transfer to another device and that lowers the risk of a fall or spinal stress on the therapist or caregiver.”

Data-driven physical therapy is in higher demand by providers and researchers, CMS and insurance companies, and Enable Me’s products and services track patient activity and training so the statistics of recovery and progress can be documented.

“With the objective data our devices generate, we can show the metrics of recovery and the ongoing proof that the therapy is working,” Laky said. “The Letto 2 is often the device of choice for clinicians.”

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