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Four Leading Cyber-world Specialists Provide Valuable Data Security Defense Tips

Data Security Panel Presentation at Centre Club Friday, Sept. 14

Cyber policy lawyer, CIA expert and two IT security auditors share knowledge in panel, Led by Andrew Bowen, APR, of Clearview Communications + PR


TAMPA, Fla. – Four leading cyber-world specialists who help businesses develop defenses against data breaches and deal with the culprits will headline a cybersecurity luncheon panel open to the public at The Centre Club, located on the 8th Floor at 123 S. West Shore Blvd. in Tampa, on Friday, Sept. 14, 11:30 a.m. -1 p.m.

Entitled Barbarians at Your Gate: How to Defend Against and Manage Cyber Attacks,” the event will feature two leading IT security compliance specialists, a nationally recognized legal expert in data privacy and policies, and a former U.S. Army and CIA cyber security operator.

The panel, led by top public relations professional Andrew Bowen, APR, of Clearview Communications & PR Inc., will provide the audience with:

  • Real-world knowledge about established procedures necessary to effectively audit your IT security processes
  • Updates on the tough new General Data Protection Regulations required for managers of consumer data, and how-to guidance on data privacy policy development
  • Examples of potential future data security breach efforts by sophisticated data thieves, AI, and rogue nation states


  • Tom Hofer, a former CIA and U.S. Army cyber-defense specialist
  • Lisa Shasteen, Esq., a nationally recognized cybersecurity policy and data privacy attorney
  • Eric Ratcliffe, an IT security and compliance specialist at data security audit firm 360 Advanced
  • Brad Lyons, an IT security and compliance specialist at data security audit firm 360 Advanced
RSVP to Member Concierge at 813-286-4040 or [email protected].

Members and Non-Members are $25 all inclusive for program and lunch.

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